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Ciao!  My name is Maria Barletta.  I grew up in the rural Southern Italy region of Puglia (the “heel” of the Italian “boot”) and spent much of my adult life in the city of Milan in Northern Italy.  In Puglia, I was surrounded by farms rich with fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh meats, and always close to the wonderful seafood of the Mediterranean.  I have always been interested in and excited about food and my cooking style is influenced by the rural south and the urban north.  I came to Boston in 2007.  When my son began attending school, I developed this service of preparing meals for families who wanted the freshness of home cooked meals but felt unable to devote the time to prepare those meals themselves.  I always adapt my menu to each family’s preferences.

Affordable Personal Chef Boston, Personal Chef Boston

I have developed a menu that includes varied styles and types of dishes, made with healthy, fresh ingredients. The items offered are both good to eat the same day I prepare them and are dishes that also keep well to be eaten later in the week.  I love to hear when a client reports to me how much they or their children enjoyed my meals. I tend to avoid frying foods and lean toward more healthy baked dishes. I am flexible and creative and can build meals around special dietary needs or preferences, such as vegetarian, low sodium, or gluten free.  


I look forward to meeting you!



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